The Hatch, the Orbital Sander, and Her New Name

05 09 2009 Posted by Lauren

Daniel and I had a very productive 5-day stay in Panama City. Daniel spent most of his waking hours, when it wasn’t pouring rain, working on our forward hatch. It was an intensive process with a lot of diligence on his part. He entirely removed the hatch, stripped and cleaned off all of the residual caulking, and then got his first lesson in working with epoxy to seal the screw holes. He did a great job sealing and refitting it, and we already appreciate having a dry bed when it rains!

Meanwhile, I worked on removing old lettering, sanding down the gelcoat, and re-gelcoating the transom and sides. I used a hairdryer to lift the previous lettering and found that there were several layers of old lettering beneath (evident by the discoloration from the oxidized gelcoat). I sanded away as best I could to remove the discolored areas with an orbita and then applied gelcoat on top. Gelcoat is quite a tricky coating because of its thickness and 10 minute dry time. I had to work fast and efficiently, mind you, while I was hanging upside-down over the boat. I have not entirely completed this process and will need to apply an additional coat on our next visit.

Finally, the revealing of our boat’s name! After official de-naming and re-naming ceremonies, complete with libations for everyone (especially our boat) we proudly announce her new name: “ALETHEIA.” This name has several layers of meaning for both Daniel and me. First, “Aletheia” is the greek goddess of truth. Secondly, “Aletheia” represents the classical concept of truth versus falsehood. Thirdly, and most importantly, “Aletheia” is the greek word for truth, but more specifically, it is the kind of truth that is revealed and is no longer hidden. We feel that “Aletheia” revealed herself to us, and in doing so that she proved to us a certain truth about ourselves and the lifestyle that we are pursuing together. “Aletheia” represents the process that Daniel and I have undergone to realize the truth that is in our dreams and aspirations.

Love, love, love…