Yacht Racing!

14 04 2010 Posted by Daniel

I’ve joined a local yacht club in order to spend some more time on sailboats and really learn as much as I can hands-on from other sailors. This has resulted in my joining the weekly and monthly sailboat race teams as crew. On Wednesdays we race small (~20-24 foot) boats and occasional weekends we race larger boats. This past weekend I had the pleasure of sailing on Millenium Express, an Express 37 race boat. We had an absolute blast, it was one of the more demanding workouts I’ve done in a long time, and I learned a LOT, especially about how things can go wrong when your spinnaker foredeck crew gets knocked out by a spinnaker pole and the entire rig goes sideways for a minute. Its called a “broach” and is as awkward as it sounds - I was fully in the water for quite a bit of time until we righted the vessel and got moving again. The foredeck crew was okay after a while but got a nasty cut on the head from the flying pole.

So, I can say I’ve learned a lot more about mainsail tricks, how to run a spinnaker, and a LOT about the different ways to rig a boat - its inspired me to really think about the particular options my boat has available and as I go through her to fix and maintain her I will be making a good solid hardware upgrade as well. More on this as things finalize.

Anyways, here are some pictures of the boat I was on (I’m in all black for this occasion). Photos kindly taken by (and copyright) John Lacy of Lacy Photos: