Finally ... some (slow) progress...

30 06 2010 Posted by Daniel

So, progress is being made, but slowly. I recently made arrangements for the covers for the boat (sunshades), companionway cover, and - finally! - cushions for the cockpit area. Also, the new mattresses came in (photos soon) and not least of all I have a usable v-berth and a VERY comfortable quarter berth again. Two much needed and quite important things to improve quality of life aboard. I’ll be posting some photos of the modifications I’ll be making to add additional living comfort to the v-berth cabin as well (new lighting, fans and ventilation, as well as possible shelving and storage enhancement).

I’m hoping to get the big girl out on the water under sail again soon, I’ve got the itch to sail my own boat and not someone else’s. Perhaps a little jaunt down the bay and back for a weekend would be the ticket. Anyone interested in joining me?

Racing continues, with one of the teams I race with coming in first last week, which puts us in a solid position for the month (I believe first or second overall). I’m doing about two races a week now, although I am not writing about them all, obviously.

A quick look at upcoming projects: July will be Bimini month, when I plan to have that designed and installed, and August will hopefully be solar power and roller furling. September I plan for sails and the solent stay, with October being deck hardware and equipment. As things finally cool off into November, I’ll be starting the deck refinishing project, and December should see the year out nicely with heating and probably the hot water.

Big projects I foresee for next year include a sailing dinghy (yep! more on this closer to the time), a windvane autopilot, and a hull repaint and bottom job.

And if you know anybody who wants to buy an 8 person Avon liferaft in excellent condition and only first sailed in 2007 (was bought new for this boat) I am beyond willing to sell mine, or to trade for similar condition 4-person of equal quality and reputation.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!