12 07 2010 Posted by Daniel

My ship, Aletheia, rocks quietly in the slip, as the breeze outside catches her rigging and gently stirs the water. Outside, the pine trees on the shore wave their branches in quiet synchronization. The other boats around me make pleasant noises, sort of like chimes, as the wind stirs the halyards against the hollow metal masts. Clank, clank they sing, their volume and frequency changing with the gusts. The warm sun smiles through the hatches and portlights, and my small a/c unit tries its hardest to keep the 40+ degree heat outside. Inside, the air is cool, and a little dry. Warm wood tones contrast pleasantly with the cream fiberglass coachroof. Sitting in the saloon, I’m quite comfortable watching the puffy clouds roll lazily across a powder blue sky. And even though I’m just here, in the slip, all the motion around me reminds me of what I love about sailing. For the moment, I am content.